Environmental policy

The least environmental impact

Alfdex shall be our customer’s most environmental friendly alternative, meaning the lowest possible emission from the engines’ crankcases combined with the least environmental impact when manufactured, used and recycled.  

Alfdex overall aim is to:

  • Utilize natural resources as carefully as possible.

  • Reduce environmental impact by developing products with focus on improved separation efficiency and reduced energy consumption (less CO2) during its lifetime.

  • Reduce environmental impact during Alfdex different processes.

  • Designing products with regard to efficient recycling.


 Meaning that:

  • Decisions should be evidence-based and environmentally conscious.

  • Continue to increase our knowledge and awareness of the company's environmental impact through formal analysis and training, but also by discussing and considering the environmental issues in the daily work.

  • Consider the company's environmental impact in all aspects and at all levels of business i.e. replacing travelling with phone/web conferences.

  • Use Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) as a parameter for our decisions.

  • Guiding the process of improvement via the environmental aspect list, and also by promoting daily improvements.

  • Base our minimum requirements on environmental legislation, while other stakeholders' requirements - such as society, customers, shareholders and employees - is the driving force.

  • Arrange for safe management of chemicals and waste.