Superior technology for crankcase ventilation

 The Alfdex oil mist separator is a unique product that uses the centrifugal separation technique to prevent unclean ventilated crankcase gases returning to the inlet of diesel engines or being emitted to the environment. 

The advantage of an oil-driven separator is that there already is a surplus of oil flow available from the engine’s lubrication pump, and this is more than sufficient to drive the separator. Using oil to drive the unit also guarantees that the bearings are properly lubricated throughout the separator’s service life, which is the same as the lifetime of the engine.  

  • Oil droplets and soot are removed from the blow-by and returned to the oil sump. 
  • The cleaning performance is as close to 100 percent as is possible using modern technology.
  • Leads to reduced oil consumption. 
  • No oil is ventilated to the environment.
  • No waste product, e. g. filter, that needs to be recycled.
  • Can be fitted into any diesel engine.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Meets the requirements set out in forthcoming legislation related to crankcase ventilation.
  • The Alfdex oil mist separator is sealed for life and requires no maintenance or service during the service life of the diesel engine.