You don’t have to be big to BEE mighty!

What do bees and Alfdex have in common? Perhaps more than you might imagine.

Like the honeybee, Alfdex is small, highly innovative and punches above its weight. We use the art of engineering and g-Technology to create smart and sustainable solutions that protect the environment. In their unique way, bees contribute to a healthy ecosystem through a vital process known as pollination. Smart solutions for a better world.

In the same spirit, we’ve invited a local beekeeper to use our roof as a base for his activities. Right now, he has a couple of hives, each housing an average of 50,000 to 80,000 honeybees. So, from top to bottom, our building is full of busy coworkers.

Have a great summer! And remember to always bee kind!

Alfdex secures prototype order for new green tech

We are proud to announce our first prototype order for the new Alfdex g-Heater!

Launched at the IAA show in Hanover last year, the Alfdex g-Heater features a highly effective and fuel independent process for heating of battery packs and cabs on commercial vehicles.

The technology is based on a leading-edge, patented technology platform featuring catalytic combustion of gases and liquid fuels.

With this order Alfdex takes the next step into the future beyond fossil fuel dependent transports. The prototype will be delivered to a major truck OEM.

For more information on Alfdex g-Technology and the g-Heater, see