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Proudly introducing
the new Alfdex g-Heater
Mission: Zero emission.

Today’s challenges.

When it comes to battery temperature management and cab heating of battery electric or fuel cell trucks, there are currently three installation alternatives: a diesel heater, electric heater, or electric heat pump.


Today, a majority of heavy-duty trucks are equipped with diesel heaters. However, this type of heater has one overriding disadvantage: high emissions of harmful gases and substances. Due to more stringent emission demands diesel heaters are becoming dated in sustainability terms and will need to be replaced during the coming decade.


Electrical heaters, on the other hand, are emission-free. But their power consumption is extremely high. In fact, their input power is the same as their output power.


Electric heat pumps are also relatively power consuming. But their main draw-back is their use of Green House Gas refrigerants, which make them non-sustainable, both in the short and longer perspective.

Introducing the future.

Our new Alfdex g-Heater features a highly effective and fuel independent combustion process. The big advantage is that: it produces hardly any harmful emissions. The technology is based on a leading-edge, patented technology platform featuring catalytic combustion of gaseous and liquid fuels.


The process is scalable, and the applications are limitless. The g-Heater can be applied wherever clean heat is needed in transportation – from cab heating in an ICE driven truck, whether diesel or hydrogen, to battery heating for electric vehicles.


In short, the g-Heater represents a paradigm shift and makes all existing alternatives “old school.”


A zero-emission technology.

The easiest way to understand the inherent advantages of the g-Heater is to compare it with the working principle of conventional flame combustion.


The old way: Conventional Flame Combustion


Our way: Catalytic Combustion

No CO₂ emissions if a fossile free fuel is being used


The main disadvantage with flame combustion is that the process produces plenty of harmful emissions – carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbon, and hazardous particles. In addition, the amount of radiant heat is relatively low. In a nutshell, the flame combustion technique is incomplete, unstable, unsafe and noisy. It’s been a trusted workhorse for a long time but with new and tougher demands on sustainability it has passed its heyday.


The g-Heater is based on innovative catalytic combustion technology. This is a chemical process that uses a catalyst instead of a flame to speed up the desired oxidation reactions of the fuel. This reduces the formation of undesired products, especially pollutant nitrogen oxide gases, to previously unattainable levels. The technology is effective at both ends: fuel efficiency is high at the same time as environmental impact is kept at an absolute minimum. A large amount of radiant heat is produced, and emissions are reduced to almost zero. The entire process is controlled by innovative software that is integrated with your driveline system. The g-Heater installation is complete, stable, safe and silent.


Of course, what really puts the g-Heater in a class by itself is its ability to achieve close to zero-emissions. The chart below illustrates in plain figures the difference between our new technology and conventional technologies. Please note that the scale is logarithmic!


Alfdex Diagram Specific Emissions


Getting down to zero.

While the g-Heater will run sustainably on traditional diesel fuel, it achieves a green landmark when powered by a CO₂ neutral fuel such as ethanol, hydrogen, or bio diesel. This brings down the greenhouse effect to virtually zero.

A new heater for a new age.

It goes without saying that our new g-Heater offers outstanding performance and environmental advantages compared to conventional heaters. It is designed and manufactured with a focus on sustainability without compromising on efficiency.


It covers a multitude of applications for temperature management of cabs and electric vehicle battery packs as summarized below.



When used for battery pack temperature management in BEVs our g-Heater could increase range by up to ten percent or reduce battery pack size correspondingly. It is, in fact, an effective range extender. An additional advantage is that the g-Heater offers total fuel flexibility. Liquid fuels as well as gases, including hydrogen, can be used.


To sum up: High efficiency. Very low power consumption. Silent operation. Outstanding reliability. Total fuel flexibility. And zero emissions. What more could you ask for?


Alfdex Tabell Value


It's zero hour.

From now on, whenever clean heat is required, the choice is easy. With a g-Heater in your vehicle, you’re not only prepared for future challenges, you will be accelerating towards new, greener landscape. The technology is innovative and offers significant advantages compared to traditional heaters. The g-Heater is designed and built with one specific purpose: to allow for more sustainable transportation. There’s no time to lose.