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Do you want to work in a modern production company where you and your skills are always appreciated, and there is room for personal development? Then maybe a job at Alfdex is something for you!

Positions at Alfdex

Production team

Most of the Alfdex coworkers are assemblers working at our production site in Landskrona. Our Swedish production teams consist of approximately 100 people, who work in two-shifts Monday – Friday. Our production lines are constantly under development, which means that we are regularly in need of new assemblers.


Office team

At our headquarters in Landskrona you also find our office team, which consists of around 40 people working within engineering, finance, HR, and logistics. A tight and determined team that occasionally needs new ambitious talents.

Interested in becoming a part of Alfdex?

Working at Alfdex

At Alfdex, we always take good care of our employees. For us, it’s essential that all team members feel happy and safe in their workplace. Team spirit is an important factor, and we always try to cherish it by doing things together, both during and outside work. An example is our appreciated staff association, which regularly organizes team activities like movie nights and ski trips.

As an Alfdex employee, you have several benefits. Except for a pension and health insurance, you yearly receive both a bonus and wellness allowance. If you like development and are looking for challenges in your job, there is room for that at Alfdex. Here you have all the possibilities to grow within the company, and we have over the years seen several examples of employees moving upwards from one position to another.

This is Alfdex

Alfdex is the world’s leading supplier of highly efficient solutions for cleaning of crankcase gases from diesel engines. The company was founded in 2004, but the original ideas were demonstrated already in 1878. Alfdex serves major customers from all over the world, and the company is controlled from the headquarters in Landskrona, Sweden. Here you will find our production and office teams. In Sweden we also have our R&D department at the Alfa Laval premises in Tumba. There is also an additional production site located in Kunshan, China support the local market.


Interested in becoming a part of Alfdex?