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Open for a g-Career?

The dynamic Alfdex g-Technology™ provides a springboard into the sustainable landscape we all yearn for. Our technical experts are constantly exploring new innovative solutions for customers who want to minimize their negative impact on nature. The g-Technology embodies our efforts to always overcome the toughest environment challenges and to offer customers a clean peace of mind.

Our strong technical trademark

The innovative use of g-forces is the basis for the outstanding performance of our flagship product developed for cleaning crankcase gases in combustion engines. It is therefore now branded the Alfdex g-Cleaner™.


In the wider and longer perspective, the “g” also emphasizes our focus to develop technical solutions that contribute to a greener tomorrow. Accordingly, our new product for temperature management and cab heating of battery electric or fuel cell trucks is branded the Alfdex g-Heater™. And further new products will also be identified by the g-prefix.


So, the letter of “g” will be carrying an important message when we expand our business portfolio during coming years. It is our DNA and reflects our sustainable business approach, both externally and internally.

Our internal g-forces: green, guts, and growth

We are dedicated to developing technical solutions that make our customers green frontrunners and help them boost their sustainable image. We are constantly exploring opportunities to help them reducing their environmental impact. In close cooperation we cultivate the opportunities our g-Technology offers.


Working at Alfdex means that you must have a creative mindset. You dare to look outside the box and are not afraid to challenge conventions. In other words: it takes guts to be an Alfdex specialist. But can you think of anything more rewarding than contributing to solving one of our planet’s most urgent problems?


The dynamic g-Technology is already blossoming, and we are determined to further accelerate its inherent power. We see opportunities to expand our commercial platform by constantly exploring new areas and applications. Our growth does not only spell success for our company, it also means a fresh breath of air for Mother Earth.

Want to join our team?

We are always on the outlook to employ engineers and specialists with a passion for technology and how it can contribute to a better world. Maybe reading this will make you interested in our company and our g-Technology? Maybe you’re even interested in becoming a member of our team? If so, send us a note and describe who you are, your drivers and your qualifications. If we feel there is a match, we’ll come back to you. Who knows, maybe this is the start of a working relationship?


Interested in becoming a part of Alfdex?