Alfdex® Oil Mist Separator for active crankcase ventilation

Benefit from highly efficient cleaning of crankcase gases from diesel engines, both on- and off-road applications, with the Alfdex® Oil Mist Separator.

Fields of expertise

6 000 000

The number of separators sold to Alfdex customers all over the world.


Liters of oil/year & engine saved using a mounted Alfdex separator.

15 000

The equivalent number of tank trailer carriers removed from our roads.

R & D – together we are experts

Our experience makes us the Number One in active crankcase ventilation and we keep on developing the separation technology to further improve performance of engines, in close collaboration with you.

Service and aftermarket

Even the most durable components can wear out with high mileage or due to unforeseen issues. That is why we have developed an all-makes service kit to fit most Alfdex separators on the market. A shelf-ready product with part numbers for cross reference, packaging and installation instructions, it is of the same superior quality as the units it replaces.

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