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The growing power
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Alfdex g-Technology™

Greener by g-Technology

The green future.

The dynamic Alfdex g-Technology is already blossoming. With our green fingers, we are continuing to cultivate its inherent growing power. Promising the up-and-coming generation a prosperous journey into the future.

The green force.

Our first product, now branded the g-Cleaner, was introduced in 2002. It’s an innovative concept empowered by natural g-forces. To put you in the picture: the pilot of a supersonic aircraft is exposed to centrifugal forces of around 5 g. Our g-Cleaner operates at forces of up to 3,000 g. We harness and exploit this power.

The green movement.

The g-Cleaner is today the world’s No. 1 choice for cleaning crankcase gases in combustion engines. Currently, it’s installed in more than six million heavy-duty truck engines worldwide. Every year, thanks to our g-Cleaner, about 100 million liters of oil is recycled, providing tangible benefits for the environment. And this is just the start.

The green mission.

Alfdex is now accelerating towards a new, more sustainable future with a broader range of solutions. Our next step is to introduce the g-Heater for battery temperature management and cab heating. It is designed for all types of drivelines in heavy duty trucks, – including battery electric, fuel cell and hydrogen. The g-Heater offers total fuel flexibility, high efficiency, and increased driving range by up to 20% in battery electric vehicles. This new product is based on a single mission: to limit emissions to as close to zero as possible!

The green invitation.

We are determined to apply and develop our innovative g-Technology to also benefit other demanding applications. Our technical experts are thinking outside the box. We are constantly exploring new applications and approaching customers who want to reduce their environmental impact. Are you one of them?