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The Alfdex® Oil Mist Separator – superior technology for crankcase ventilation

With an Alfdex® Oil Mist Separator mounted on a modern engine there are numerous benefits to be had. You can:

  • Meet environmental regulations related to crankcase ventilation, today and tomorrow. The Alfdex® Oil Mist separator surpasses the requirements in EURO 6 and EPA 13, Stage 5 and Tier 4 Final, which means that your engine will be ahead of forthcoming legislation. The cleaning performance is as close to 100 percent as modern technology can achieve.
  • Enjoy maintenance-free solution. Sealed for life, the Alfdex® Oil Mist Separator doesn’t have any filters that need to be changed and doesn’t require any maintenance during the service life of the engine.
  • Get the most out of the engine, since turbochargers and intercoolers can run at peak performance.
  • Benefit from reduced oil consumption.
  • Forget waste products such as filters that require recycling.
  • Enjoy low power consumption.

This is the reason why the Alfdex® Oil Mist Separator already is the preferred choice by global leading truck manufacturers and this is how it works.


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