NEWS RELEASE: Alfdex wins 2 BSEK g-Cleaner contract with major global truck and bus manufacturer

Alfdex AB has won a contract to supply electric and hydraulic disc separators to a major global truck and bus manufacturer. The contract establishes Alfdex’s position as a market leader in electric disc separator technology. Production is expected to start in 2025 and revenues in total are expected to exceed 2 BSEK over the coming decade.

Alfdex has a long history of leading the market and providing reliable and high-performing solutions for the active cleaning of crankcase gases in heavy-duty truck engines. With the onset of even more stringent emission legislation, such as Euro VII, as well as new demands for CO2 reductions, Alfdex now supplies a range of electrically powered disc separators. These combine the robust, maintenance-free design of the original Alfdex separator with a state-of-the-art electric drive unit, enabling even higher performance and precise control via software.

“This contract shows that the market welcomes our next steps in developing new and improved generations of separators,” says Fredrik Larsson, CEO of Alfdex. “This latest generation of our g-Cleaner will provide our customers with even better performance and lower energy consumption. Most importantly, it will enable trucks and buses to lower their emissions which is beneficial from an environmental perspective.”

For additional information please contact Fredrik Larsson, CEO of Alfdex.
Telephone:   +46 418 45 10 70

About Alfdex

Alfdex is the world leader in reducing crankcase emissions from combustion engines by using an active separation system, referred to as the Alfdex g-Cleaner. The separation principle is based upon Alfa Laval’s long experience in centrifugal separator technology. Alfdex has specialized this technology for separating particles and liquid droplets from gas. The majority of new heavy trucks in North America, China and Europe are using Alfdex-separators, and today over 6 million heavy trucks are equipped with an Alfdex system, thereby preventing over 100 million litres of oil from being released into the environment annually. Recently, Alfdex has started venturing into new application areas, including thermal management for commercial vehicles. The company is a 50/50 joint venture between Alfa Laval and Concentric AB.

Alfdex Press Release 20230130

Alfdex continues to stand with Ukraine.

The brutal war continues with shocking events taking place every day. To follow up on last year’s donation, Alfdex has once again decided to donate an amount to the Red Cross, in support of their efforts to reduce some of the suffering that is affecting the Ukrainian population.